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Kiruna Transferbus

We operate a transferbus between Kiruna New City Center - Kiruna bus station - Kiruna railway station which is free of charge for all passengers in connection with all train departures and arrivals, the bus drives every day year round on behalf of Kiruna municipality.

NOTE! Changes from 20 june 2022!

From 20 june the Transferbus will operate between Kiruna New City Center (Maskinvägen) - Bus station - Railway station.
Towards the railway station it is possible to board and disembark at the bus station and disembark at the railway station.
It is not possible to board or disembark at any other bus stop towards the railway station.

Towards the new city center it is possible to disembark at the bus station, Trädgårdsgatan, Triangeln and Maskinvägen.

The bus is still free of charge for all passengers.

Bus stop Maskinvägen is 22 august 2022 replaced by bus stop Stadshustorget which is located outside the city hall.

New schedule and route map below!



Bus stops towards the Railway station

  • Maskinvägen (New City Center) (Replaced by Stadshustorget 22 august 2022)
  • Kiruna bus station (platform D) (disembarking and boarding)
  • Kiruna Railway station

Bus stops towards the New City Center

  • Kiruna Railway station
  • Kiruna bus station (only disembarking)
  • Trädgårdsgatan (only disembarking)
  • Triangeln (only disembarking)
  • Maskinvägen (New City Center) (Replaced by Stadshustorget 22 august 2022)

At the bus station you can change to the following buses towards: Kiruna Airport, Abisko, Gällivare, Haparanda, Jukkasjärvi, Karesuando, Kurravaara, Luleå, Nikkaluokta, Pajala, Riksgränsen, Svappavaara, Vittangi och also to city buses

Travel time

New City Center - Bus station: 5 minutes
Bus station - Railway station: 5 minutes
New City Center - Railway station: 10 minutes

Other info

  • If you travel from Kiruna Airport with the Airport Transfer and want to go to the railway station then you disembark at Hjalmar Lundbohmsvägen and change to the Transferbus
  • The bus is free of charge for all passengers
  • The bus departs around 15-30 minutes before the trains scheduled departure time, if the train is delayed then the bus will still depart according to scheduled departure time
  • The bus waits for all trains at the railway station no matter arrival time, if the bus is not there then it is on its way
  • If the train is replaced by bus then that bus will depart from the railway station so you need to take the Transferbus to the railway station
  • Hörvalls Buss operates Kiruna Transferbus on behalf of Kiruna municipality

Route map

This route map is valid from 20 june 2022

This route map is valid from 22 august 2022